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 My food concerns

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PostSubject: My food concerns   Sun Jan 29, 2017 1:00 pm

I have a few dietary concerns; they're not life threatening but do impact my health.

Legumes - I'm intolerant to soy, chickpeas, beans of all sorts, lentils, and most nuts. I can have trace amounts, but more than that causes digestion issues.

Red food dye, non-sugar sweeteners - these are migraine triggers for me. So I can't have anything red, and possibly orange and pink. Unless it's organic and using something other than food dye as colouring. I can't have any diet sweeteners at all, including aspartame, sucralose (aka, Splenda), and alcohol sugars (any sweeteners ending in -ol).

Safest bet is to stick with regular sugar. I'm also okay with people checking in with me about store bought stuff.

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My food concerns
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