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 Character Bios: Rose De Chenier

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PostSubject: Character Bios: Rose De Chenier   Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:43 pm

The illegitimate daughter of Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour, Rose de Chenier was raised in the palace of Versailles. She refused many suitors, sometimes resulting in anger from the King himself, but managed to hold onto a position at court by the skin of her teeth through wit and charm. It was all snatched away from her when she refused the advances of her stable boy, who turned out to be a vampire of the Gangrel clan.

Turned out of spite, Rose was left on her own to try and understand and use her powers. She tried to remain in Versailles, but soon the dangers of sunlight and discovery became too great and she fled to her estate in Chenier.

She lived for five years relatively undisturbed on the outskirts of her little village, feeding on animals and one or two closely trusted humans, but it was not long before the revolution knocked on her door. She managed to secure her riches and fled. As she watched the rest of her human life go up in smoke with her estate, she vowed to return and reclaim her title. Then, with nothing but the clothes she was wearing, with a few jewels tucked into her pockets, she went into the ground to sleep, sleep until it was safe for her to return.

She awoke in the year 2017 to find a world entirely changed around her. Her Chenier was gone, her estate, her lands, the very village was entirely gone. In its place was a modern city, too loud and too frightening to remain in. She wandered through France, picking up modern slang to the best of her ability, and clothing, and recovering her money which was difficult as she had to create an entirely new identity for herself, a task which involved a lot of faked paperwork.

At last, somewhat adjusted with credit cards in her pocket, she left her home of France for Canada and settled in a town that she had remembered from a distant cousin's fur trading company - Frontenac, or as it was called now, Kingston, Ontario.

[[More to come]]
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Character Bios: Rose De Chenier
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