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 Character Bio: Icarus

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PostSubject: Character Bio: Icarus   Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:37 pm

Icarus stands about 5'10" tall. A pair of curling horns add another 5" in height. A pair of large wings hang heavy from his back. His body is dominated by bone / rock protrusions, and he often wears little or no clothing over dull grey-white stone skin. His eyes are a bright, almost luminescent, blue, and betray a sharp intelligence. Those standing too near to him hear a constant whispering or muttering sound, as if a group of people were speaking in hushed tones on the far side of a door.

Icarus used to be the Camarilla gargoyle "Leraje", before finding his freedom about a decade and a half ago. His victories in combat against the Sabbat - and the Anarchs - remain a contentious point about his membership in the Anarch sect, and he remains something of a black sheep.

Icarus moved to Kingston no more than a few months ago, and isn't part of a local gang (yet?).

Icarus does his best to attend known gatherings where various gangs of anarchs will be gathered together. He often brings some group activity - he's fond of board or card games - that he tries to encourage others to join. He prefers collaborative or non-competitive games.

Icarus is always interested in discussion of his philosophies of maximizing personal liberties and minimizing state intrusion into the personal. He also abhors violence, and rejects the idea that the state has the right to violence. (His renunciation of violence isn't absolute, though, and he finds discussion of where to place the line on the use of violence fascinating.)

Icarus rejects the philosophies of both the Camarilla and Sabbat; it would be difficult to say which he rejects more virulently.

Icarus offers physical protection to anyone who requires it, for any reason.
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Character Bio: Icarus
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