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 Character Bio: Brother Friar

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PostSubject: Character Bio: Brother Friar   Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:28 am

Brother Friar was a monk in his human life who rarely ventured outside the monastery, He had taken a vow of silence and did not speak a word for almost a decade before meeting his first vampire. He was ghouled by a member of the Sabbat to document their “rise” until the group was eventually destroyed by a group of Camarilla and was turned by a Ventrue member who saw potential in his pristine record keeping. Even upon his death, he has only broken his vow of silence on the briefest of occasions when he felt it was truly merited.

He was mostly left to his own devices mostly only called upon when needed but was treated as a gift between higher ranking members of the Ventrue. He has travelled and lived on every continent and has amassed a library as well as a tight sect of followers who act as his staff, food source, and contact with the human world. Through them, he makes his investments to fund his quest for knowledge.

He was moved to Canada in the late 70’s and eventually made his way to Toronto in the service of a Ventrue there. He always kept up to date with technology and truly bloomed with the invention of the internet, finding his true voice.

Unfortunately, that voice irked his master and he was given to a Malkavian Anarch who was departing Toronto at the behest of the Camarilla as a “punishment”.

He does not view this as a punishment as he was given more freedom under the Anarchs than he had ever had under the Camarilla.

He is fiercely loyal to his Baron and, even though he is not a fighter, has put himself in harm’s way to protect him. In gatherings, he is never far from the Baron or his Gang.

His attaché is another Ventrue who believes she is Jeanne d'Arc who has been with him for centuries who acts as his mouthpiece and bodyguard.

He has been in Kingston since the beginning and spent those years gathering information as well as properties. He has recently acquired The Rosemount Inn and has set that up as his haven. He is more than a gracious host with some of his other properties to vampires staying or visiting the city, but only at the behest of the Baron, even going as far to allow dignitaries to stay in his haven and allowing them limited access to his own personal staff.

When it is official business, he is the utmost in professionalism but his newly found freedom as well as the stage that is the interweb has made his tongue acidic and very vocal through his text if he encounters something that draws his ire.

The reason why most know of this history is that he makes his library available to all who seek knowledge, including his own personal journals.
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Character Bio: Brother Friar
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