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 Character Bio: Ωhm

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PostSubject: Character Bio: Ωhm   Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:37 pm

Name: ███████ ██████
Handle: Ωhm

 Usually holding some type of technology or, failing that, a book; he is always seen wearing dark glasses, and is usually hooded.  Generally described as disinterested and quiet (for a Brujah).  A ████████ who deals primarily in ███████ and ████ market ████████████, he is an associate of several ████████████ socialist organizations.

 Philosophically an individualist Brujah, he identifies strongly with the Scholar ████████████ Anarch camps.  His lack of outspoken vocal fervor for the Anarch cause (again, for a Brujah), and willingness to aid kindred of other sects without complaint has occasionally caused casual suspicion as to his true loyalities, but never has it been said that he has failed to support his brothers in a time of need.
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Character Bio: Ωhm
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