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 Character Bio: John Williams *Update 02/12/2017

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Holden Prescott


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PostSubject: Character Bio: John Williams *Update 02/12/2017   Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:28 pm

Quick Bio

Clan: Assamite (Sorcerer)
Birth name: Unknown
-AKA: John Williams, QuothTheRaven

Known flaws:
-Dubious Loyalties (Clan Assamite)
-Infamous Brood (Anarch Hacktivist)

A true outlier among the Anarchs, is the Assamite Sorcerer who goes by the well-known name of 'John Williams'; The name itself is just one of many whom the Hacktivist, and Technothaumaturgist has gone by over the years since breaking away from his parent Clan.

Firmly entrenched in the Scholar camp of Anarchs, he spends most of his nights pouring over old books, and various manifestos studying Noddist lore, occult theory, the vampiric body, and social sciences.

Politically, he's caustic, and critical towards any sort of over-regimented governance, being a more outspoken member of the generally studious camp; While also looking down any 'Old Dog' with any sort of non-progressive attitude, or any Anarch with pro-Camarilla leanings, he openly opposed any Revisionist agenda.


Showing up first in California in 2002, he fell in with others whom held similar ideals, and who were still looking for direction after the collapse of the California Free State in '98. Since then, the outspoken Neonate has traveled far for his own reasons, occasionally disappearing entirely for months at a time, only to reappear to reaffirm his questionable loyalty to the Movement; His parent Clan paired with his Hacktivist practices puts him in the same position as the Tremere of the same leaning, with most viewing him with at least a little bit of suspicion, though his personal contributions to the cause, and willingness to rally behind the cause mark him as an Anarch through-and-through.

Since then, he's settled on the East Coast, moving from city-to-city. Using the 'web to keep contact with other Anarch Scholars, he picks through decimated holdings left over from the New Inquisition's crusade before moving on. What he's looking for, and what he finds, is kept to his own tight circle of Anarch confidants, as his movements occasionally take him through Camarilla, and Sabbat territories, it can be reasoned that it's something either sect wouldn't be happy to learn about.

Arriving in Toronto around 12 years ago, he made a few appearances at the Salons of the City to speak to a few of the magical practitioners among the Toronto Kindred. Occasionally trading scraps of arcane Lore to the local Tremere, while furthering his own studies. However after being found teaching another Kindred magical knowledge, he was quickly censured by the local Chantry, and soon driven from the city.

It was shortly after this that he ended up in the area around Kingston, the city itself quiet after the New Inquisition's crusade that burned through North America. Introducing himself to the newly arrived Anarchs, he then quickly vanished into the City for a long period of time, presumably setting up his holdings, while he set about doing what he does.

More recently he's emerged to interact more with the Anarchs of Kingston. While not outgoing on his own, he's (relatively) easy to approach as long as there's a point to the interaction; Most small talk is quickly rebuffed, as there are very few Anarchs in the domain who share his interests.
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Character Bio: John Williams *Update 02/12/2017
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