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 Character Bio: Túlio Lorenzo Nuño de Arza

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Túlio Lorenzo Nuño deArza


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PostSubject: Character Bio: Túlio Lorenzo Nuño de Arza   Fri Feb 10, 2017 4:40 pm

The Baron of Kingston is called many things.
Dr. de Arza, by his mortal colleagues; Túlio, by most Anarchs; and Baron, or Advocate, by those who feel like being polite. He shows little preference for which people use, though he does prefer that people only try to say the parts of his name they can pronounce.

He was embraced in the early 1700's, in Spain, by a Camarilla Malkavian, and spent the next couple hundred years travelling around Europe. He has Been a participating member of the psychiatric community since the field's inception, and currently works nights at Providence Care.

He came to Canada in the '60s, and lived in Toronto as a member of the Camarilla until '97, when he left the sect due to a disagreement with the (elder) elders of his clan, formally joining the Anarchs in '98, though maintaining ties with his non-Malkavian associates in Toronto.

It was due partially to those ties, and partially due to a lack of volunteers, that when a group of Toronto Anarchs was sent to found Kingston, he was made Baron.

Túlio's time as Baron of Kingson has been mostly uneventful. He tends to avoid throwing around executive power, and spends his time trying to make sure things go smoothly.

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Character Bio: Túlio Lorenzo Nuño de Arza
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