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 Character Bio: Molly Murphy

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Molly Murphy


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PostSubject: Character Bio: Molly Murphy   Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:50 pm

Molly was part of the original group who came to Kingston. She has a tendency to stretch herself to the limit when others are looking for help. That is how she found herself working as the ambassador of the area.

She is a devout catholic finding her place within a gang of fellow believers.  She is very protective of keeping the masquerade for both human and vampire safety and makes this no secret.

Molly would describe herself as a mother. Generally she is generally upbeat and is always ready for a laugh even if no one else will join her. But she is also head strong and fierce witch can get her into trouble. The only time you’ll see her stop chatting is if someone asks too much about her past. Her heaven is downtown with an open door to both vampire and humans in need.
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Character Bio: Molly Murphy
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