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 Character Bio: Richard Mars

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Richard Mars


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PostSubject: Character Bio: Richard Mars   Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:59 pm

Richard Mars was a cop, detective and a private Investigator. You can tell this by looking at him. His style of dress and mannerism seeming to come straight out of movie. What lies beneath, only his yellow bestial eyes betray. Richard is a predator of the streets, a City Gangrel a Coyote.

Two years ago Richard Mars moved to Kingston. While he does not talk much about why he came to Kingston and joined the Anarchs, his passion for the movement is obvious in the way he talks about it.

Richard is am obvious neonate, with one foot firmly planted in the present with the living. He came along to Kingston and while not currently a member of a gang Richard is open to joining one. Having been an ex-cop he knows the value of close nit partnerships.

Being a coyote, whose membership in the Sabbat is common, Richard was not trusted by many in the Anarchs. He has spent the last couple years attempt to make himself known as a trusted ally. He offers his services and special skills as an investigator to those in the Anarch movement who might desire them. Those who wish for someone located, something found or dirt dug up, know where they can find him. He presents himself at the Anarch gatherings often and those who want to find him at other times can find him in a dingy office in the basement of old office building downtown.
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Character Bio: Richard Mars
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