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 Character Bios: Ruby Cole

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PostSubject: Character Bios: Ruby Cole   Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:36 pm

The things you know about Ruby

- neonate
- obvious short attention span
- pink hair, it's actually the longest it's been one colour for quite a while
- is more of a punch things Brujah than a talking about things Brujah
- a wound on her left arm that hasn't healed for as long as anyone has known her. Ask her how she got it, she'll shrug and say "a fight."
- one of the original group to arrive in Kingston ten years ago
- her sire is still in Toronto, and she's not happy about that. Thinks he's wussing out.
- She's also not very happy about what she calls a Camarilla babysitter/spy.
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Character Bios: Ruby Cole
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