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 Character Bios: Otoko No Kage

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PostSubject: Character Bios: Otoko No Kage   Wed Nov 22, 2017 1:59 pm

Otoko No Kage (or Kage or Cage he doesn't seem to care much about his name)

Once upon a time there was a plane crash. From the fire came a boy. A warlord found the boy, murdered the surviving adults and taught him to kill. So he killed.
Holy men tried to overcome the warlord, and in a moment of vulnerability the boy showed the warlord what he learned. And he killed more.  Holy men succeeded and took over the boys army. But there was no peace, because the resources were needed in the great Jihad of Afghanistan. And the holy men wanted him to kill again and took him to Afghanistan where he worked his way to a taliban munitions depot close to the Russian borders and killed again. And again. He made his way to Russia sold some supplies to some mobsters in exchange for a trip to Japan. The Russian mob tried to extort more money on arrival from him while trafficking slaves to compete with the Yakuza brothels. They told him if he killed his debt would be clean. They were right. They were SO wrong. When the Yakuza saw what happened to the Russians they offered him a job as a Shadow Warrior, a freelancer to enforce underworld law. Killing with a why that always justified itself. A measure of personal progress. In Tokyo he fell in love with rock and roll and Visual Kei bands, made friends and murdered enemies. Life was good until the Sabbat arrived. He was supposed to be a shovelhead but managed to defeat a Sabbat via decapitation with a shovel causing him to be singled out for a special embrace. He died horribly.

They should have let him stay dead.
Instead they wanted him to become a monster. To kill. To kill vampires.
He obliged.

After eliminating the pack he had every intention of continuing his legacy of carnage hunting for other Cainites, however the next Vampire he met was an Anarch named Reverend Jack Xombi (An Old Dog & Elder of the Revolution who was at the Convention of Thorns) who heard of signs of Sabbat and wanted to see what happening with the Sabbat. He'll vouch for their elimination, which Jack said was more than enough to join the Anarchs. Not even the Yakuza, who was the closest thing to a family he had, really wanted to talk. But the Reverend was hoping to be a diplomat to any local vampires and figured Cage a good warm up. Over 2 nights Otoko no Kage decided to join the Anarch Movement and the Reverend pointed him to Kingston saying he heard it's a good place to relax or to defend if you can't relax.

And he definitely has a hard time relaxing.

Name: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Apparent Age: Late 20's Early 30's.
Height: 1.72m
Weight: 71.7 kg
Clan: Lasombra (anti-tribu ?)

Distinguishing Features:
- Albino (often hidden with basic makeup, hair colour can change depending on access to markers).
- Angelic Visage: He always looks good and everything he does looks good and dignified.
- Casts no reflection, but Shadow's can get really weird.
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Character Bios: Otoko No Kage
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