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 Character Bios: Caleb

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PostSubject: Character Bios: Caleb   Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:46 am

Caleb was embraced in the late nighties, a son of mortal civil rights protesters, his accume for motivating crowds towards political agendas was notable, and got the attention of an Anarch Brujah named Byron.

Caleb quickly fell into the revolutionary role, and joined his brothers in the front lines, exposing Camarilla and Sabbat to the hunters, and even getting his fist and fangs bloody in the havens of the abusive elders.

All that changed one night in 2011, after a brutal raid on the Camarilla of Milwaukee.

Caleb is said to have rejected the beast after that night, switching to a scholarly pursuit of the deeper mysteries surrounding Golcanda, the fabled redemption of a vampire's soul.

Caleb is hesitant to discuss the details of that night, or details about what happenned to cause such a reversal in behaviour, but is quite open about his rejection of anger and using the beast as a weapon or tool.

It is notable that Caleb seems unusually calm for a Brujah, not showing the barely contained anger stereotypical of other Brujah.

In the few years since that night, Caleb has withdrawn from his prior passions, and tends to focus on his studies more than any sect cause.

It is rumoured that he has only recently (November 2017) arrived in Kingston in pursuit of his studies, that being said he was off the radar for a few years, so who can say when or if he has arrived.

Male, Caucasian, appears about 40 years of age.
6'2", 275 lbs, moderate build, hair and beard kept in a modern "viking" style.
Fangs appear to be filed flat.
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Character Bios: Caleb
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