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 Results of the December 2nd meeting

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PostSubject: Results of the December 2nd meeting   Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:44 pm

Alright my brothers and sisters!

Here's the results from our (very productive) meeting at the last gathering, written as concisely as I can. If I missed anything, bring it up at the next gather and we can make sure that everything is in order. Remember that next gathering we are going to take a closer look at specific crimes and what the punishment(s) for each are to be, so think about it and come ready to get your opinion heard!

EDIT: Oh shit, I totally forgot about the Safe Space! Added, below. Lol.

The following was decided upon by the assembled Anarchs in attendance.

Jurisdiction of the City of Kingston

The boundaries of the City of Kingston will be considered to be the municipal boundaries for all jurisdictional matters.

Conducting Votes

A vote on a substantive matter requires a minimum two week period between the vote being called and the vote taking place. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time for reflection and discussion on the topic before the vote occurs.
The vote itself will be held later in the evening of the gathering to give sufficient time for everyone to arrive and participate. All Anarch citizens of Kingston will have 1 vote. Any Anarch can request that any vote/debate be closed to non-Anarchs.
A vote requires a quorum of at least 10 Anarchs in good standing. Additionally, one member of each gang is required to participate in the vote. The vote will be a simple show of hands, unless a member requests a vote by secret ballot.
An Anarch that cannot be present for a vote may pre-register a vote or give their vote to a proxy by publicly stating they are doing so in advance of the night of the vote.
Non-substantive votes (Do not require 2-week reflection period): Votes to award status

Criminal Justice

When a crime is committed, the initial response and investigation is conducted by the Constable. Thereafter, the constable will publicly bring charges against the suspect of the crime.
The Constable will act as the prosecution and present evidence and argument to the suspect’s guilt. The suspect may be representated by any Anarch if they wish, but no Anarch can be forced to advocate for the suspect.
The suspect’s guilt will be determined by a jury of their peers, randomly selected from the assembled Anarch citizens of Kingston.  There will be a number of jurors equal to the number of gangs in the city. No one in the same gang as the accused can be a juror.
Either the suspect or their advocate presents their own evidence and defense to the charges. The decision will be a simple majority of jurors, unless it’s a capital crime, in which case the decision must be unanimous. The Baron will break ties.

Captial Crimes

Only capital crimes will have the possible punishment of Final Death.
Serial Diablerie


Murder (Kindred or Kine)
Aiding or abetting a criminal (Failing to report a crime, etc.)
Trafficking military-grade weapons within the city
Human trafficking
Influencing a vote with Disciplines or supernatural powers
Physically attacking anyone in the Safe Space

Safe Space

The architect will maintain a Safe Space, where Anarchs can gather or hold functions without fear of being physically assaulted. As per above, it is a crime to attack someone in the Safe Space.

Recorded by Larry, Ambassador of Kingston. Cool
Stay frosty y'all!
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Results of the December 2nd meeting
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