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 Sean Callum Bio Player: Glen Loverock

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Sean Callum

Sean Callum

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PostSubject: Sean Callum Bio Player: Glen Loverock   Sean Callum Bio Player: Glen Loverock Icon_minitimeSat Oct 13, 2018 8:47 pm

The Good Alder Sean Callum Viscount, Lord of Lords, Meister of Grooms, child of Alder Baron John Maxwell Advocate Notary Lord of the Conspiracy of Dumfries Scotland, childer of The honourable Sir Sean Maxwell Minister of Dumfries Scotland.

Age:500+ years
Apparent Age: 37-44
Humanity: 5
Blood potency: 3
Clan Titles: Priscus (Lord of Lords)
Covenant Titles: Meister of Grooms, The Good Viscount,
City Status: 3 (Valued)

When Scotland gained control of Nova Scotia and started dividing the land into baronets(the late 1620's), Sean jumped on the opportunity to buy up the land and gain a title (even in mortal society). He moved to Canada only to find that Scotland lost control of Nova Scotia (3 years later) and his land claim was now meaningless So he eventually moved further in land and came to Kingston (Mid 1800's, a year or two after the city became invictus controlled) instead of going back to Scotland.  

Sean Callum during the nights of Invictus rule of Kingston was a prominent member of the Invictus holding much status. He constantly pushed the development of the outskirts of the city and extending the city limits. Investing in the construction and building up of the outer limits of the city permitted him to avoid many of the nimby’s for a time. His efforts for expanding the city did not go unnoticed. The Invictus prince rewarded him by granting him a small but permanent domain (along with the Viscount title with in the Invictus) north of the 401, east of Montreal st to build up and use as his own. This did not last long as shortly after receiving this reward, control of the city fell to the Carthian Movement. Losing the permanent domain and only keeping the title with in the Invictus.

Enraged at the Carthian Movements take over and success, Sean worked diligently to over throw the Carthians, he even handed out boons to other covenants to gather information on the Carthians. While at the same time offering assistance to some Carthians by sponsoring/investing in their businesses in order to gain boons from them. His status with in the city and perhaps even the Invictus declined during this time due to his over zealous persuit of bringing the Carthian Movements control of the city to an end. He was clearly at odds with the premier for leaving the Invictus and becoming a Carthian. Sean showed up to the Praxis dressed like a 1920's mobster, clearly signaling his intent for a hostile takeover and holds no grudges for the death of the premier.

since the Lancea Sanctom take over he has been working diligently in the shadows to rebuild his own standing and the invictus as well as the ventrues.
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Sean Callum Bio Player: Glen Loverock
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