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 Sir Garret of Warwick Bio

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Sir Garret Warwick

Sir Garret Warwick

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PostSubject: Sir Garret of Warwick Bio   Sir Garret of Warwick Bio Icon_minitimeFri Oct 19, 2018 6:31 am

Sir Garret (of) Warwick [Player: Sebastian Romu]

Age:900+ years
Apparent Age: mid 40's
Humanity: 3
Blood Potency: 4

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
City Status: Valued
City Position: Myrmidon (Sheriff/Hound)

Sir Garret was embraced during or shortly after the massacre that followed the capture of Jerusalem in 1099 AD. As a Christian Knight, he was found and sheltered by the Lancea Sanctum. Throughout his time as a vampire, he has continued to serve the Sanctified as a soldier of the faith, hunting down heretics and nonbelievers alike, the world over.

Sir Garret arrived in Kingston the very night on which the Sanctum wrested control of the City of Kingston; While not yet acknowledged by the new Prince, he stood accused of having destroyed the former Prince. Sir Garret's only response to that charge was "He has been dealt with, and will not be returning to the city".

Sir Garret was appointed Sherrif/Hound sometime later and chose the title of Myrmidon to reflect the dual role he was given. During his first of many nights in this position, he overstepped his authority and may have killed another kindred; losing some status as a result.

More recently (in the last decade) Sir Garret managed to protect Elysium and all kindred in attendance from an external threat. For his brave and selfless actions, he was awarded city status. Secondly, for personally protecting the Prince, he was awarded additional status, bringing him to his current standing.

Sir Garret is best described as a single-minded soldier, he follows orders and tries to ensure proper respect of the Prince's Laws, and the Traditions of Kindred Society. He can sometimes get too aggressive or violent in carrying out the duties of his position(s) but does his best to atone when he slips.

Sir Garret's animal form, that of a Harpy Eagle, is known publicly.

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Sir Garret Warwick

Sir Garret Warwick

Posts : 29

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PostSubject: Re: Sir Garret of Warwick Bio   Sir Garret of Warwick Bio Icon_minitimeMon Dec 03, 2018 7:00 pm

During the gather on 1 December 2018, Sir Garret departed with some haste from Elysium.

He returned about an hour later, went directly to speak with Archbishop Bram then rejoined the gather.

Some may have noticed he was different upon his return (humanity dropped to 3).
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Sir Garret of Warwick Bio
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