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 Quentin Smith Bio

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Quentin Smith

Quentin Smith

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PostSubject: Quentin Smith Bio   Quentin Smith Bio Icon_minitimeSun Oct 21, 2018 10:48 am

Age: Long enough everyone stopped counting
Apparent age:Middle to old
Humanity 6
Blood Potency: Obfuscate 2
City Status: Valued
Title : Priscus (Mekhet)
Covenant : Carthian Movement
Clan Mekhet

He claims to have been born to a nomadic tribe in what is now eastern Russia but due to muddled memories, he has no real idea when it happened or even if it is completely true.
There are those who remember him wandering into Rome and making a bit of a name for himself as a knowledgeable storyteller.  He never amounted to much of a political force however and his wondering off was barely noted. He showed up in Gaul trying to piece together the actual story of the migration of the Ventrue and their relationship to the Julii which created a bit of a stir even though he claimed it was merely academic interest and he took no sides. Rome fell the world made a new order and through and long and non-linear series of choices he ended up in Gloucester, England working as a shipwright. All the stories of a new world and new people across the water interested him. He built a little haven into the base of the ship with the ballast, making sure rats could get in but people would have trouble. (No one in the city will ask about this time anymore as he has endless stories of how this is not the way to travel and will try to share them all with anyone who will listen). He made it safely to Upper Canada and drifted about absorbing the new world but eventually continued drifting east. He claims to have made it all the way to the Pacific and then just drifted back. He returned to Kingston in 1798 with warnings of a new war with the Americans. He joined the Invictus and started spying on the American war effort to support the Monarchy. He developed a reputation of being the one to go to for information. Whether it was researched at the library or spying on enemies he got the job done with a smile.  Then in 1906, he got the job of finding out about this new Carthian Movement. After years of work writing letters to everyone he knew in the old world, making journeys to talk to people in the New, reading all the manifestos he could find and even talking to the Carthians themselves he compiled and delivered a comprehensive report to the Invictus leaders along with his resignation from the Invictus. He then joined the Carthians and has been with them ever since. He is still known for providing crucial information to others to keep the peace in the city but rarely acts for his own political gain.

He has a very annoying habit of wanting to illustrate any information he gives people with a long and quite often pointless story but is considered most odd for his view on Torpor. He will tell that will listen about the benefits of the long sleep and the fog of ages. It allows us to let go of the past and renew ourselves. It allows us to look at the world in a new way and escape the ruts we have been grinding away for ourselves. It is death and reincarnation. Not to be feared but welcomed.
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Quentin Smith Bio
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