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 Character Bio: Sionainn O'Connor

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PostSubject: Character Bio: Sionainn O'Connor   Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:53 pm

On the outside, Sionainn (pronounced "Shannon") O'Connor is what one would consider your standard Camarilla Ventrue stuffed shirt.

In fact, many wonder why he was sent with the Anarchs as their Camrilla representative at all.

Those who have spoken to him, however (or who have had to be spoken to), have learned that when it comes to the Anarchs, he knows more than even could be expected of the oldest "Old Dog".

Having grown up in Northern Ireland in the early 1900s, Sionainn is no stranger to civil disobedience and revolution. Just a hair too young to officially participate in the Easter Rising, he nevertheless did his part to try to repel the British threat. Working closely with his father in the Sinn Fein his talents with public relations and advertising proved quite valuable. So much so that a Ventrue with an eye for talent came calling. Soon, Sionainn ended up working for a period of time as a Paragon for his sire; a job he abhors discussing, even now. But being well versed in the political minefield that is the Camarilla, he knows to keep that opinion to himself.

Upon hearing of the events of the Second Anarch Revolt he began studying the two uprisings. He obtained a copy of the Convention of Thorns, and over time added the Treaty of Tyre and Edicts of Succession. He is known to have framed reproductions of these documents in a Kindred-only section of his offices. His studies resulted in his being one of the few known true experts in the history of the Anarch sect of Kindred. It is this that he publicly pronounces as the reason he was sent to Kingston to observe.

Not that his grasp of public relations and advertising hasn't also come in handy. Not all of the original members of the group who traveled from Kingston are still here. A small few are either destroyed or have had their time in Kingston effectively erased due to some errors in judgement, and some skilled Masquerade cleanup. The cleanup, of course, was spearheaded by Sionainn.

It is known he has connections with local media, and City Council. It is these strings that he pulls in order to keep Masquerade breaches under wraps.

He clearly doesn't like being here, surrounded by Anarchs, but there is a little part of him that understands and empathizes with the choices everyone made. You can tell that he doesn't approach the Kindred of the city with malice or reproach, but with a sense of kindness.

Unless, of course, you try something that contravenes those framed documents.
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Character Bio: Sionainn O'Connor
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