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 Kindred Fight Club and Art Show

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PostSubject: Kindred Fight Club and Art Show   Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:01 am

To the Kingston Anarchs and our friends,

As our city enters a dark time and prepares for the worst, I invite everyone to join together in celebration of everything we hope to preserve. The peril we face may be the end of everything we know, but we may still be able to stop this destruction before it begins. It is important that we remember what is at stake. Our people, our arts, our way of life and the freedom so core to our beliefs, are all in danger of being lost. If this is our end, we will have one last great festival before we move on to our next lives. If not, then this will strengthen our resolve and carry us through this.

I encourage everyone to bring whatever art you wish, especially what you plan to bring into combat. As you know, us Toreador are easily distracted by such things, so it would help to have some time to appreciate these things before battle. I also encourage everyone to bring a supply of blood, especially those who wish to enter the combat arena. There will be brackets for purely physical combat, non-physical combat, and mixed combat, but we ask that you keep the use of longer lasting powers out of the ring. We must be at peak condition before the real battle. Note: Fire based weaponry and attacks will not be allowed inside the arena, for the safety of all involved, however, you are welcome to bring said weaponry and powers to the venue, in case of emergency.

If you wish to contribute to the festival, contact me at [contact info]

[location, time, etc. (gonna talk to STs)]

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Kindred Fight Club and Art Show
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