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 Character concept tips

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Sean Callum

Sean Callum

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PostSubject: Character concept tips   Character concept tips Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2017 3:20 pm

Thanks for submitting your character concepts, these are some tips for expanding on your character concepts and backgrounds. As always we would be very interested in any changes or additions to be sent to the storytellers.

1. a character concept is never done or finished. your concept will constantly have things added to it, ie you may be asked a question in character that requires you to come up with something that happened in your characters past that you haven't thought of yet and you have to make it up on the spot. please do write these things down and send them to us.

2. Mortal life -many of you will be playing characters that have been vampires for less than 50 years. Which means half or more or your life was as a mortal so this will have a major impact on your characters personality and motivations. Consider creating at least a paragraph description of your character when he/she was a mortal.

3. Your Sire - a name for your sire would be useful but also what is your current relationship with your sire and why. Why did your sire embrace you? a description of your embrace need not be very detailed unless it has an impact on your characters personality or it was a recent event.

4. Pre History - what your character was like as a vampire prior to game - most of you already have this in your current concept

5. When did you arrive in the city, are you one of the original members from 10 years ago, are you just arriving in the city or somewhere in between.

6. Why are you in Kingston?

7. What is your philosophy as an Anarch? there is a cheat for this, you could just choose on of the Anarch "factions" as your philosophy. anarchy has many definitions to different people how does your character define anarchy, are you a democrat looking to change vampire society to democracy? Are you a rebel with out a cause? do you want to change the system from with in? are you a separatist, that wants to leave the camerilla behind? or do you just want to watch the world burn?
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Storytelling Team
Storytelling Team

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PostSubject: Re: Character concept tips   Character concept tips Icon_minitimeThu Mar 16, 2017 11:31 pm

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Character concept tips
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